Defending science

by danjo

Hunter (at Daily Kos) writes about the science vs. creationism case that is unfolding in Kansas. Go read the whole thing, because it is a good rant on an important subject.

It’s a fiction. The whole “creationism” debate is, at heart, a fiction. It’s not about religion, it’s about education, and institutionalizing mental laziness and anti-intellectual prejudices as valid counterarguments to intellectual knowledge, so that the most conceited, uninterested and shallow among us don’t have to think too hard or feel too challenged by intricacies of either their theology or their science.

If you have a hard time understanding the vertigo-inducing span of millennia between the time of the first primitive, microscopic life and now, don’t blame me for it, and don’t blame God for it. Blame yourself if you must, but don’t react by attempting to institutionalize your own personal boundaries of knowledge as being equally valid to the entire history of mankind’s accumulated knowledge. Bluntly, get over yourself. The entire outcome of this event — no matter what the school board decides — will be exactly one thing: a(nother) raft of publicity making Kansas look stupid.

In closing: if this argument sounds elitist, well, there’s simply nothing that I can do about that. The notion that any given hundred years of tedious research by thousands of individuals should be given equal footing with sketch I drew in my garage is simply stupid, and no amount of crying oppression! will make it less so. Doesn’t work for math. Doesn’t work for riding a bicycle, for that matter.

That it works in religion is less a testament to God’s wisdom than to the emptiness of man’s own understanding of Him.