On the same subject

by danjo

Shakespeare’s Sister adds to the analysis:

And that is the basis of the culture war that rages in America: knowledge versus ignorance. (Reality-based versus faith-based doesn’t truly get to its roots – reality is far too subjective a term, and being faithful and informed are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Secular versus sectarian doesn’t address it, either – liberal Christians fall on the side of agnostics and atheists, and most are willing and able to coexist. And the culture war is not unique to the sphere of religion, anyhow.) On any topic – gay rights, abortion, the Iraq War – one can easily find nonreligious conservatives who share the views of their religious counterparts, and the tie that binds the two is ignorance. Ignorance of the facts, lack of experience, no interaction with others unlike themselves. Conservatives are, as a whole, less educated, less traveled, and less likely to live in a diverse community than liberals. They cloister themselves in ignorance and openly display contempt for the intelligent and the well-informed. Never are they so derisive as when they sneer at a liberal with their greatest insult: S/he thinks s/he’s so smart.

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