Some threading info

by danjo

An article on Codeproject discussing some useful UI programming stuff…

You are developing this shiny new multithreaded .NET application that has this spanking new UI. You are done coding and it’s time for giving a demo to your boss. And while running the demo, the UI hangs. Just hangs. Damn it, you say, it was working fine on my PC. You go back to your source and try to figure out why that happened. After a lot of poking around/debugging/swearing, you notice that you call this simple property on a control and it never returns. Or sometimes, it returns, but doesn’t update the UI correctly. You then read something about calling BeginInvoke. What’s that, you wonder. This article will try to answer that. Note that this article will be dealing with the BeginInvoke method on the System.Windows.Forms.Control and not the BeginInvoke method that can be called on delegates to run them asynchronously.